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Masterly Business Solutions is a professional services automation, innovation and development company. Our award-winning sales and marketing automation platform helps organizations acquire, attract, nurture and convert more customers. Masterly’s proven process combines best in class technology, sales tools and strategic processes that are aligned with your business goal. 

In previous courses we've taught you how to get a constant flow of leads into your business. Now, once someone is interested in your services, what do you do? How do you get a prospect from warm to closed? 

This course covers some proven sales techniques that help you build a scalable sales process with automation to ensure you're following up at the right times. We've taught these techniques to consultants and coaches around the US with results showing an average 248% increase in sales within 60 days of taking the course and following the processes. 

By the time you take this course you should already have a defined client avatar and customer journey mapped out from our previous courses or from your previous marketing experience. This course picks up from the consistent flow of leads into your business and shows you next steps into closing those deals consistently. 

We're so happy you've decided to embark on this journey with us and we are committed to ensuring your investment is well put to use. Now let's get started!

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