Getting Started with Automation

Whether you decided to use an all in one platform or different platforms - learning how to get your different platforms to talk to each other is essential to building workflows. What I'm about to teach you is the beginning of more complex concepts to help you to automate any repetitive or unnecessary tasks. 

Now, I must warn you - you don't want to automate everything. Why? Because you want to make sure your processes are streamlined before you automate them and you also want to maintain some human touch points with customers and clients. It's really best practice to first map out a process and ensure that's the best way to do it before you consider adding automation into the mix. Automation will amplify a bad process. Trust me, I've been there. 

I used to automate so many things that our emails would have automatic responses to certain keywords. For instance, if someone mentioned a meeting it would automatically send a response saying "I would love to meet with you, here's a link to schedule [insert link]"

What's the problem? I had a client (she's actually still with me lol) who emailed me apologizing for delays in her project and told us that her mother had died. She then proceeded to ask for a meeting to start everything back up - issue? I lost the ability to be human in that moment. I lost the ability to tell her how deeply saddened we were. And I even lost the ability to tell her, I've been there and it's the worst feeling I've ever felt. 

I apologized profusely and explained to her that the keyword triggered an automation. Thankfully, she was forgiving. But our clients deserve a human response - and that's the day I learned. You can't automate everything. 

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Getting Started with Automation

A Very Basic Walkthrough of Getting Started With Automation

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